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located his quarry, and he gave quick orders to

The three Indian boys stopped dead In their
tracks* Almighty Voice stood and waited until
the charging mounties had advanced to good
firing range; then he opened up. The first burst
of Indian fire brought down the two officers
commanding the detachment. Captain Allan's
right arm was smashed with a bullet, and Sergeant
Raven sagged forward in his saddle with his
thigh crushed and dangling uselessly over the
side of his horse. Corporal C. H. Hockin now
assumed command of the detachment.

Almighty Voice had now counted his fifth
'coo5—one killed and four wounded. As the
mounted police halted to take care of their
wounded and reorganize their forces, Almighty
Voice and his two companions disappeared into a
small thicket, or bluff as it is called in the North-
West—a clump of bush about a half-mile through,
now famous as the 'Almighty Voice BlufF. His
people knew that he had selected this bluff in
which to make his last, desperate stand against the
mounties, and that he had no thoughts of ever
coming out of It alive.

Corporal Hockin's detachment, which stood
guard awaiting the reinforcements that had been
summoned, was soon joined by the detachment
from Duck Lake. That afternoon this combined